Bio + Statement

I am a visual artist currently living in Indiana.  I am married to my beautiful wife of 15 years and am blessed with two beautiful boys. I attended Herron School of Art where I completed my BFA.

I translate my journey through life, faith, cultural themes of fatherhood, and themes of personal responsibility into a visual language. My artistic language borrows from the landscape, figure, elements, symbolism, and color arranged in a manner influenced by musical composition and structural concepts. This language is arranged by visual representations of melody, harmony, rhythm, dissonance, and counterpoint.

The writings of Klee, Kandinsky and L’Engle have strongly influenced my philosophy on creating art. In accordance with their philosophies, I also believe the act of creation to be equally physical and spiritual. As I work in the physical space, I am attuned to my inner state of being, conscious of the work being created, but also surrendered to the concept and improvisation that may occur. This awareness allows my work to exist on a personal and universal level as I am “listening” for what is authentic and essential in a particular artwork.

I work in a true multi-media capacity. I am not solely a painter or photographer but may incorporate printmaking, sculpture, drawing, digital media, and other media into a single work of art. I believe that the media is servant to the overall concept and remain open to what form each work must take.



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